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Larger Worlds (Abandonded) 2.31

Larger World Sizes and adjusted map scripts & starting positions

  1. Limited Players per Landmass

    New player limit by landmass size:
    • Very Small landmasses avoided
    • Small landmasses will only have one player
    Limits are 20+ tiles for players as a hard minimum except on water maps (island plates for example). The map is evaluated for total usable land (not water or mountains) and based on that count a minimum landmass size is determined for landmasses that can have multiple players on them.

    Example: A massive map with 60% water will have approximately 3000 usable tiles. If there are 10 players in the game the smallest landmass that will allow multiple players is 150 tiles on land maps or 100 tiles on water maps. So a 50 tile island is big enough for a player start (20+) but too small for more than one player.

    City States do not have landmass limits so they will fill in small landmasses and may spawn on landmasses that are too small for multiple players.
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