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Larger Worlds (Abandonded) 2.31

Larger World Sizes and adjusted map scripts & starting positions

  1. Fertility!

    This is a quick test of modified fertility values based on the number of players.

    Fertility of each tile is defined by the value of that tile plus all tiles within 3 hexes. Some important values are 100 for rivers, -10 for snow and -20 for ice.

    This update adds an extra modifier of +/-8 fertility per player above or below the default number. For example: if you decide to play with 4 players on a map designed for 12 all starting plots will be considered to have 64 points lower fertility. Likewise, if you have 12 players on a map designed for 4 all plots will be considered to have an extra 64 fertility.

    This means on a map with fewer players they should all start on the best available starting locations. On crowded maps this will allow more available starting locations to exceed the minimum fertility threshold.
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