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Latvia 2016-10-05


  1. Hiram

    Adds the Latvian civilization to the game. Requires Brave New World.

    Leader: Janis Cakste
    UA: Latvian Fortitude - Land units receive a 15% combat bonus in friendly territory. Lavtian cities have increased defensive strength and hit-points.
    UU: Latviesu strelnieki - Replaces Great War Infantry. Stronger and more effective at attacking or defending at rivers and coasts.
    UB: Music Academy - Provides +1 Culture and 1 slot for a Great Work of Music. Contains 1 slot for a Musician Specialist.

    TPangolin - Leader art

    Ciruliti mazputnini (Vilki)
    Zviegtin zviedza kara zirgi (Vilki)​


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