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Leader Chooser 2016-10-05

Leader Chooser

  1. WeaselSlapper
    This program I made as a utility to help me pick which leader I wanted to play as and I decided to share it. Leader Chooser displays a list of all the available leaders for the selected version and gives the user the ability to filter that list based on leader traits and starting technology (unique unit and unique building functionality will be added in later versions). It is compatible with original Civilizaiton 4, Warlords, and Beyond the Sword.

    I posted a new Version of the Leader Chooser. The new version requites .net 3.5. If you do not have .net 3.5 keep the old version. The new version also has a display for leader traits, unique units, and unique buildings.

    PM or e-mail me with any comments or questions.

    Please feel free and post any comments for new features you would like to see. I'm continuing to develop this program and would like to know what features I should spend the most time on.


    1. leaderchooser_IP5.jpg