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Leaderpack 1 for Rise of Mankind 2.7 2016-10-05

Leaderpack 1 for Rise of Mankind 2.7

  1. zappara
    This leaderpack adds modular leaders for Rise of Mankind 2.7x. All modules are made in WoC module format. This pack requires about 210MB harddisk space.

    For more info see the Leaderpack 1 -discussion thread on RoM Modmods forum.

    New leaders

    * Afonso for Portuguese
    * Basil for Byzantium
    * Cetshwayo for Zulu
    * Charles V for Holy Roman Empire
    * Cleopatra for Egypt
    * Dido for Carthage
    * Franco for Spain
    * Henry VIII for England
    * Hirohito for Japan
    * Ivan IV for Russia
    * Jayavarman VII for Khmer
    * Joan of Arc for France
    * Kangxi for China
    * Lenin for Russia
    * Leonidas for Greece
    * Marcus Aurelius for Rome
    * Masinissa for Carthage
    * Nebuchadrezzar II for Babylon
    * Nefertiti for Egypt
    * Richelieu for France
    * Wilhelmina for Dutch


    Make sure you have installed Rise of Mankind 2.71 before proceeding - the modules might not work correctly otherwise. The pack should work also in v2.7 (I've just made it with v2.71).

    1. Extract the file to 'Rise of Mankind\Assets\Modules' directory. The zip file has the required folder structure included. To confirm successful installation you can check if there's individual leaderhead folders inside 'Modules\Custom Leaderheads' -folder.


    Civ 4 Gold Team for the original leaders (full list of authors at: here)
    All the various authors who made the new leader graphics