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LeeS' Buildings Are Fun 2017-04-30

Adds Various Fun Buildings

  1. LeeS
    1. This mod is both a functional mod for user play and a utility for other mod-makers to use
    2. Right now Rob & I are trying to figure out how exactly to configure this so that there is one thread linked to this resource for people who just play mods and a second thread linked to this resource for mod-makers. The mod-maker's thread will have detailed instructions on how to use the utility-files contained within the mod.

    The mod for user play is described here: https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/lees-buildings-are-fun-wip.614032/

    Even though it says W.I.P. the only thing really WIP about it is fine-tuning yields etc. for better balance based on user feedback, or perhaps adding a few more buildings based on user request.

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