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Legendary Earth Mod (LEM) 2016-10-05

Legendary Earth Mod (v.7) STABLE

Author: Eric Zuzzi (Dark_Jedi06/ExMachina)

Please see the CFC thread, listed above, for a complete description of the mod. Also, please post feedback or commentary in that thread and NOT in the uploads comments section.

Installation instructions follow:

1. Unzip the "Legendary Earth Mod" folder to My Games > Sid Meier's Civilization V > MODS.

2. Start up Sid Meier's Civilization V through Steam. Once loaded, please ensure that you have the proper DLC downloaded and that it is enabled. The Legendary Earth Mod requires the Gods & Kings Expansion, the Brave New World Expansion and Mongolia.

Other DLC (such as the Wonders of the Ancient World) is considered optional, though Legendary Earth Map v.3 requires the Inca.

3. From the Main Menu, click on "Mods". If installed correctly, the "Legendary Earth Mod (v.?)" will show up in your list of mods.* Enable it.

* Please note that the Legendary Earth Mod is balanced ONLY for the default game rules. It is strongly recommended that you DO NOT play this mod with any other mod that modifies the base game rules.

4. Now that the mod is enabled, click "Next" and give the game a moment to load the mod. From the next menu, click "Single Player" to begin a new game.

5. From the set up menu, click on the maps option and select "Legendary Earth Map v.1" or "Legendary Earth Map v.2" from the list depending on your preference.

6. Once you've selected the map, tick the "Load Scenario" radio button. From there, you are ready to select your leader, difficulty level and game speed.

7. Wait for the game to load and enjoy! And don't forget, please leave feedback on the homepage listed above! And don't forget to favorite the mod if you enjoy it.
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