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Legendary Headstart V3

Provides unique bonuses at game start

  1. Legendary Headstart

    Version 3 Changes:

    - Buffed most bonus awards, to make them more, uh, "legendary…." Most bonuses award about 3 times more results than previous version (V2).

    - New bonuses:

    o Trade Baron: adds 1-3 trade routes, 1-3 trade units, and/or 1-3 Great Merchants
    o Cornucopia: +10-30 Food to the capital
    o Heraia: 1-3 population added to capital (probably needs to add food as well)
    o Armilustrium: Free Walls in the capital, may also add a Castle and/or Great General

    - Changed bonus awarding from start of game turn 0 to the start of human player game turn 1 – allows for more software checks to be added to prevent crashes, but also allows a wider variety of bonuses

    - Changed Faith bonus (#1): it now has a small chance to award a Great Prophet instead of Faith. If no city is in the empire, there is an even smaller chance of a Great Prophet spawn, or gold being awarded. It also spawns an extra melee unit and gives all combat units the "Extra Healing" and "Foreign Lands Bonus" promotions.

    - Removed portions of the Faith bonus, which was causing CTDs if AI tried to found a pantheon before they have a city built.

    - Added check for capital city before awarding Great Persons. If no available, player will get double gold bonus instead.

    - Added better variety of Notification types – more tailored to the awarded bonus.

    - Corrected a formula in the "Happiness" Bonus (#4) which was not awarding the right amount of Happiness. Increased Happiness bonus amount.

    - Fixed a few typos
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