Legends of Revolution (light) 2016-10-05

Legends of Revolution (light)

  1. phungus420
    Legends of Revolution (light)

    This is the light version of LoR. All ethnic unit art and other non core features (such as shrine movies, and scenarios) have been removed. This version is for players who have low end systems and would like to play Legends of Revolution but do not have computers that can handle the added demands of graphical improvements. Also the download is about 1/3 of the size of the full version. LoR light is save game compatible with LoR full of the same versions, so you may use LoR light and LoR full on different computers to swap saves for succession games or what not.

    The full version of LoR can be found here:
    LoR Full Version Download Page

    The current version available for download here is 0.9.8d+ (light), released 11 March 10

    If your system has an issue with Strategy Informer, see here for a full list of download mirrors:

    Full List of Legends of Revolution Download Mirrors

    For credits see this page:

    Legends of Revolution Credits