Legends of Revolution 2016-10-05

Legends of Revolution

  1. phungus420
    Legends of Revolution is designed to play like an official expansion pack. This modpack includes many common sense and popular mod components which greatly expand gameplay, such as the BUG UI, BetterAI, Revolutions, and Expanded City and Unit Ethnic Art. Further all of the models have been set to BtS appropriate poly and texture sizes, so that the modpack plays smoothly. The added concepts and art make this modpack feel like the same step as the expansion from Vanilla Civ4 to BtS; If you enjoyed the BtS expansion pack, give LoR a try.

    Legends of Revolution has been built to function like official content. All added art is high quality, as well as adherent to performance standards. Also all content, such as new leaders come with full diplomacy text and music, and new units have their own unique buttons. I paid much attention to detail when producing this mod, stability, and performance were my primary considerations, as such gameplay will be smooth and all added concepts are fully optional and may be toggled to your preference so that you can play the game you enjoy how you like it.

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    The current version available for download here is 0.9.9b, released 28 November 2010

    If your system has an issue with Strategy Informer, or you are interested in the light version (recommended for low end systems) see here for a full list of download mirrors:

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    For credits see this page:

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