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Less Advanced Barbarians 2022-08-23

This is a mod that sets barbarians back an era, roughly. I couldn't find a way to reduce barbarian technology through the database, so I was forced to rely on lua to kill barbarians and replace them with less advanced units. So for example, if the game tries to spawn a barbarian Man-At-Arms, my mod will kill it and replace it with a Swordsman.

Other similarly themed changes include replacing barbarian horsemen with warriors, and barbarian horse archers with slingers. Galleys are simply destroyed and not replaced. So you won't see barbarian galleys unless a quadrireme is spawned, which will then be replaced with a galley. Spearmen that start the game in the camps are replaced with warriors.

I had a hard time figuring out what to do with unique barbarian units in Barbarian Clans mode. Ultimately, I went with just reducing their health down to 50%. I'd love to hear suggestions for something better.
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