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Leugi's Israel for VP - 4UC Compatibility 14

Adds Israel as a playable civilization for Vox Populi

  1. pineappledan

    Adds 3rd and 4th Unique Components to Leugi's Israel Civ. Does not require the original mod, or the base VP compatibility.

    Leader: David
    Unique Ability: Chosen People
    Unique Wonder: Solomon's Temple (Grand Temple)
    Unique Unit: Maccabee (swordsman)
    Unique Great Person: Shophet (Great General)
    Unique Improvement: Kibbutz
    more details in the discussion thread

    • Ekmek: 3D Leaderscene
    • Janboruta: Map
    • Pineappledan: VP compatibility changes
    • danrell: Shophet model
    • Lastsword: Shophet icon
    • Leugi: All else

    This mod and its creators do not espouse a viewpoint, or associate with any side of the ongoing conflicts in Israel, Palestine, or Syria.
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Recent Reviews

  1. OpusMaius
    Version: 11
    A very unique and fun civ with great tools in the military, cultural and religious field to let you decide which path you want to pursuit. Great work and suits well in the whole 4UC project IMO