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Leugi's Israel for VP - 4UC Compatibility 12

Adds Israel as a playable civilization for Vox Populi

  1. balance change and update

    Balance Changes:
    Israel was not having as easy a time founding as I thought.
    - Increased faith on barbarian camp clear to 40

    Temple of Solomon
    - Removed free temple
    - Increased religious pressure on ToS to 100%
    - Changed reduction of religious unrest to Global
    - Increased Instant faith on construction of the ToS to 250

    The Shophet was lackluster and its bonuses were not noticeable. I found myself bulbing them immediately for the citadels which were boosted by the UA
    - Added "Judge of Israel" - Each shophet generates 2 culture and 1 faith every turn (removes angst from not taking advantage of the UA if you are just keeping a GG on hand)
    - increased the GPPs to 1.5x unit strength, up from 1

    removed some lua that could be simplified by removal of temple from the ToS
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