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Leugi's Israel for VP - 4UC Compatibility 14

Adds Israel as a playable civilization for Vox Populi

  1. Solomon's Temple Overhaul

    Dummy buildings now use the IsDummy = 1 condition
    Hasmonean Guerilla and Shock I promotions now correctly applied to Maccabee in non-4UC version
    Changed UA name back to 'Chosen People' out of respect to Leugi and the Jewish people's reverence for the name of their God
    Fixed text on Solomon's Temple. Better grammar, more active voice, etc.

    Balance Changes:
    Reduced faith on clearing barb camps to 40 (40 years in the desert)
    Removed Desert start bias (consistent with other VP civs which had non-essential start biases removed)
    Increased Tourism Themeing bonus on Solomon's Temple to 10 (consistent with VP +40% increase in bonuses in 01-15 patch)
    Removed 100 faith instant bonus on construction of Solomon's Temple
    Added 50 faith on adoption of policies to Solomon's Temple (more consistent with Leugi's original design for Israel civ)
    Removed Milhemet and Milhemet Mitzvah from Shofet. Milhemet Reshut (gain GPPs on unit kills within 2 tiles) is now a permanent bonus (less lua now too, yay!)
    Added new promotion to Shofet: Shofar
    Shofar - 30 damage to adjacent enemy cities every turn

    Yields from Shofets are applied using a faster code
    All GP tile code (Kibbutz and UA) now use 'WHERE MadeByGreatPerson = 1' statements to ensure compatibility with mods that add more GP tiles.
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