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Leugi's Israel for VP - 4UC Compatibility 14

Adds Israel as a playable civilization for Vox Populi

  1. text/Shofet update

    Solomon's Temple renamed to Beit HaMikdash
    City list overhauled
    - Expunged all cities from the Philistine Pentapolis
    - Increased the total number of cities to 31
    - Reworked city order
    Added Israel Civilopedia entry - That hadn't existed before. Wow!

    Removed Milhemet Mitzvah - random promotion that was both unreliable, computationally intense, and not all that fun/interesting. It also didn't have much to do with Shofets.
    Shofar promotion changed to 20 damage to cities, but increased to 40 damage if city is blockaded
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