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Leugi's Israel for VP - 4UC Compatibility 12

Adds Israel as a playable civilization for Vox Populi

  1. VP 03-14 compatibility

    VP 03-14 compatibility
  2. Solomon's Temple Overhaul

    Dummy buildings now use the IsDummy = 1 condition
    Hasmonean Guerilla and Shock I promotions now correctly applied to Maccabee in non-4UC version
    Changed UA name back to 'Chosen People' out of respect to Leugi and the Jewish people's reverence for the name of their God
    Fixed text on Solomon's Temple. Better grammar, more active voice, etc.

    Balance Changes:
    Reduced faith on clearing barb camps to 40 (40 years in the desert)
    Removed Desert start bias...
  3. happiness update

    Happiness needs reduction in keeping with VP change recalculation
    increased faith on barbarian clear to 50 faith
  4. bug fixes

    minor bug fixes and SQL adjustments
  5. update for shophet

    fix to shophet text and lua
  6. UA buff, UB nerf

    Solomon Temple nerf
    slight UA buff
  7. re-upload sanuty check

    re-upload sanity check
  8. Bugfix and Temple change

    brought Temple earlier and nerfed it slightly.

    Bug fix which stops games crash
  9. ninja edit

    fixed a lua error for the new Shofet resource generation
  10. balance change and update

    Balance Changes:
    Israel was not having as easy a time founding as I thought.
    - Increased faith on barbarian camp clear to 40

    Temple of Solomon
    - Removed free temple
    - Increased religious pressure on ToS to 100%
    - Changed reduction of religious unrest to Global
    - Increased Instant faith on construction of the ToS to 250

    The Shophet was lackluster and its bonuses were not noticeable. I found myself bulbing them immediately for the citadels which were boosted by the UA
    - Added...