Leugi's Panem et Circenses

Leugi's Panem et Circenses 2017-02-08

(Please note the mod requires the Community Patch to work)


"We Love the King" Days are no more. They have been replaced with Festivals. Whenever a Festival starts you may choose the bonus it will grant to the city. The possible bonuses depend on the following types of Festivals:
  • We Love the King Day (Increases food produced)
  • Art Biennial (Increases Culture)
  • Flea Market (Increases Gold)
  • Academic Congress (Increases Science)
  • Religious Obscervance (Increases Faith)
  • Sports Tournament (Increases Military Production and XP)
  • Triumphant Parade (Increases GP generation, may only be activated during golden ages.
Festivals also increase their bonuses if you chose them more than once in the same city. Aside from increasing the base modifier Festivals of higher levels can grant Tourism and in the last and 4th level grant Golden Age Points

A Festival is granted automatically in the capital upon the discovery of Calendar.

In order to help in the leveling of Festivals a new Specialist called "Entertainer" has been added. Entertainers add +1 Tourism, and also work towards the generation of Great Entertainers.

Most happiness-related buildings have also been updated with an Entertainer slot, as well as some wonders.
Great Entertainers

Great Entertainers are a new kind of Great Person. They can be expended to start a Festival and also to build the Fairgrounds improvement that grants +4 Tourism, with its tourism boosted with the dicovery of Acoustics and Flight. Great Entertainers may also be bought with faith upon adopting an Ideology.

As for unique names, they come from a wide variety of historical characters. From famous actors to directors, important comedians and jesters, they have all come to aid you in keeping your empire happy and festive!
Other Changes
  • Brazil's Carnival attribute also works on Festivals.
  • Colosseums have been changed into Arenas.
  • The Colosseum Wonder has been added.
  • Unhappiness per citizen has been increased. If you feel that the unhappiness is too high or too low, you can change it at the User Settings sql file.

Special Thanks to:
  • Tomatekh: Helped with the Entertainer's ability to start WLTKD
  • JFD: Helped with figuring out a lot of stuff thanks to his JFDLC mods
  • SunAoyun: Made the original mod that changed Colosseums into Arenas.
  • DarthKyoufu: Suggested the name of the mod.
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