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[LH] Askia Muhammad Toure 2016-10-05

[LH] Askia Muhammad Toure

  1. The Capo

    This is sort of a "bonus LH" and was one of my failed attempts when I first returned to making LHs. IgorS helped me out by shadering it and making his right arm stationary (or at least rigged to the torso) because of a glaring animation issue. But it is totally usable now but I'll probably come back to improve upon it. In the meantime this LH should work perfectly.

    Askia Muhammad Toure was a Soninke King of the Songhai Empire. He succeded Sunni Ali Ber, whose daughter gave Muhammad Toure the name "Askia" (which means "the forceful one"). Under his rule the Songhai Empire reached its greatest extent and he reigned over a period of rapid expansion in trade with Europe and Asia, as well as increases in education and cultural arts, and made Islam an integral part of the Songhai Empire. His reign saw a revival in the great city that was Timbuktu as universities and learning thrived in the region.

    He could be used as a Malinese leader, or a Songhai leader for a module.

    Here are the ArtDefines:

    			<NIF>art/LeaderHeads/Askia/Zara Yaqob.nif</NIF>
    			<KFM>art/LeaderHeads/Askia/Zara Yaqob.kfm</KFM>
    			<NoShaderNIF>art/LeaderHeads/Askia/Zara Yaqob.nif</NoShaderNIF>
    			<BackgroundKFM>art/LeaderHeads/Askia/Zara Yaqob_BG.kfm</BackgroundKFM>
    Thanks again to IgorS for making this LH possible, I hope everyone likes him!


    1. askiamuhammad_F89.jpg