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[LH] Babar 2016-10-05

Babar is a very popular character in French children's literature. Created by Jean de Brunhoff in 1931, Babar the Elephant has appeared in a series of seven children's books. After Jean's premature death in 1937, his son Laurent continues the series, which later blossomed into television series and movies, and even musical pieces by Francis Poulenc.

Babar is an elephant, orphaned at a young age, who found his way to Paris as a boy. There he was educated in French culture and language. When the King of the Elephants died, his cousins Celeste and Arthur found him in Paris and brought him back. The elders thought that Babar's education made him a suitable leader, and so was crowned king. As the total ruler of the elephants, he decreed that all elephants wear clothes, speak French, and act in a newly civilized manner. Most of his adventures involve he and his family either visiting other places or waging war against the kingdom of the rhinoceroses led by Lord Rataxes.

I mainly did this one because I remember loving Babar as a very young child, and also I wanted to challenge myself with a decidedly non-human character.
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