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[LH] Bayinnaung 2016-10-05

[LH] Bayinnaung

  1. cybrxkhan

    I'm back in the LH-making business, and although I don't think I'll be as active as I once was there, at least I'll still be making stuff now and then. Anyhow, this is Bayinnaung of the Burmese, who will be featured as a new civ in World of Legends (see thread here for more info). I made him rather quickly and on a whim, so there are some issues with him (minor issues with sculpting and textures, mainly), but I'm content with what I've finished thus far. You can call it a draft more or less. As always, a button has been provided.

    Background: Bayinnaung is one of the greatest leaders in Burmese history. A monarch of the Toungoo dynasty, he expanded Burma to its greatest extent, conquering lands as far away as Siam. Besides being a military conqueror, he also supported culture and the Buddhist religion, and provided for Burma an age of prosperity and wealth. Although his empire collapsed after his death, he is still remembered not only in Burma, but also in places like Thailand and Laos.

    Feel free to rate, and please leave comments in my Leaderhead Thread!


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