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[LH] Cardinal Richelieu (v1) 2016-10-05

[LH] Cardinal Richelieu (v1)

  1. The Capo
    This is my fourth leaderhead and will be the last one I make for a month or so, but anyway its Cardinal Richelieu of France. The Cardinal de Richelieu was often known by the title of the King's "Chief Minister" or "First Minister". As a result, he is sometimes considered to be the world's first Prime Minister, in the modern sense of the term. He sought to consolidate royal power and crush domestic factions. By restraining the power of the nobility, he transformed France into a strong, centralized state. His chief foreign policy objective was to check the power of the Austro-Spanish Habsburg dynasty. Although he was a cardinal, he did not hesitate to make alliances with Protestant rulers in attempting to achieve this goal. His tenure was marked by the Thirty Years' War that engulfed Europe. Anyway here he is, Cardinal Richelieu.

    Any suggestions, questions, or comments are welcome in my LEADERHEAD GALLERY! Also feel free to check out my Gustav Adolph, Charles V, and Egyptian Pharaoh leaderheads!


    1. cardinalrichelieu_j5a.jpg