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[LH] Christopher Johnson 2016-10-05

Christopher Johnson (which we can assume is an assigned name) is the main alien character from Neil Blomkamp's 2009 sci-fi film District 9, played in a motion-capture performance by Jason Cope. He is an alien whose ship has come to a halt over South Africa where, for the past 20 years, his people have been rounded up to live on the land in the ghetto of District 9. Unlike the other aliens, "prawns" as they are pejoratively called, Johnson is intelligent and resourceful. It is implied that the prawns function much like insect societies - most of the population are mindless drones, with a few bred to be functional lieutenants, as Johnson is here.

Interestingly enough, District 9 was originally going to be an adaptation of the Halo video games, produced by Lord of the Rings auteur Peter Jackson. When funding fell through for that, Jackson took a chance with Blomkamp, a first-time feature film director, to take the resources for Halo and adapt Alive in Joburg, a short film that established the main themes of District. You can see Halo's influence in some of the alien weaponry used.
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