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[LH] Cleomenes I of Sparta *SHADERED* 2016-10-05

[LH] Cleomenes I of Sparta *SHADERED*

  1. The Capo
    After 141 DLs I present to you, the shadered version of...


    This is Cleomenes I of Sparta. He was King in the late sixth and early fifth centuries BCE. During his reign Sparta defeated Argos and established the Peleponnesian League, which gave Sparta great influence throughout Greece eventually leading to the conquest of Athens by the Spartans, although that did not occur during his reign.

    He could very easily be used as Leonidas or Lysander if you'd rather go in that direction, and he may appear in my mod as one of these men. But its a pretty generic looking Spartan to me, and that was the intent.

    Here is the XML you should use for Cleomenes, even if you use him as a different leader...

    Enjoy, and please remember to visit my LEADERHEAD GALLERY to let me know of any mistakes, comments, or suggestions. Thank you.


    1. cleomeneswithshaders_AA5.jpg
    2. cleomenesshadercomparison_9Mn.jpg