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[LH] Daniel Howling Coyote 2016-10-05

Daniel Howling Coyote is a character from the backstory of Shadowrun, a pen-and-paper RPG created by the FASA Corporation and currently owned by Catalyst Games.

Shadowrun has an odd setting, equal parts Gary Gygax and William Gibson. Like D&D, orcs, dwarves, elves and trolls are commonplace and people have access to powerful magic. And like Gibson's Sprawl trilogy, the action takes place in a future world where corporations are as powerful as nation-states and anyone can jack into cyberspace.

While the game takes place in 2073, Howling Coyote is a more contemporary figure. Born in 1991, he grew up on an Indian reservation in the U.S. He first discovered magical abilities in 2011, when magic came back to Shadowrun's world. He formed the Native American Nations (NAN) in 2014, declaring war on the United States two years later. The war ended on August 17, 2017 when Howling Coyote and his followers performed the Great Ghost Dance (based on an actual ritual spread by Sitting Bull late in his life) which caused dormant volcanoes across the nation to erupt. Admitting defeat, the United States and the NAN signed the Treaty of Denver in 2018, giving most of America's western territory from the Mississippi River to the Rockies back to the natives.
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