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[LH] Deirdre Skye 2016-10-05

Lady Deirdre Skye
Rank: Lt. Commander
Position: Chief Botanist/Xenobiologist
Country of Origin: Scotland
Date of Birth: 05-28-2025
Height: 170.1 cm
Weight: 52.2 kg
Service Record:
Born 2025, Edinburgh Scotland, father a U.N. security consultant assigned to various crisis locales worldwide. Studied at Cornell University School of Agriculture, acquired Bachelor of Science in Agriculture and Environmental Biology, Masters in Biology, Ph.D. Biology and Genetics. Immediately distinguished self with deep intuitive knowledge of plant strains and ability to intuit powerful genetic manipulations at Bionex Research Lab, White Plains, N.Y.

Later worked for Red Cross and United Nations Disaster Relief Fund to revitalize radiation contaminated areas with highly specialized biostrains (Skye variation v097 apple and Skye Mark IV wheat strain considered as highest examples of adaptable biogenetics in contaminated soil). Selected as top candidate for Mission Botanist/Xenobiologist by U.N. Alpha Centauri Mission Committee, appointed against wishes of Chief Science Officer Prokhor Zakharov.

Psych Profile: Conservationist
Relies on deep intuitive sense combined with scientific knowledge for determination of future actions. Powerful mind and will combined with broad base of knowledge leads her to excel in chosen area of expertise. Sense of isolation from childhood events (e.g. divorce of parents) and pre-launch events reinforces strong tendency to introversion.

Strong connection to environmental causes may cloud scientific judgment; strong democratic leadership style may result in subject placing welfare of loyal subordinates above welfare of mission as a whole. Appeals to reason should prove effective in discouraging these behaviors.
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