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[LH] Dido (v1) 2016-10-05


This LH was the first one I worked on in my "return" to LH-making. It was requested by Phungus420. I have to thank Pencilgod for the texture on this one. It took a long time to get this girl to look right, but I think it wound up being a very good LH. I'd also like to credit Ambrox with the background, and thank him for sending me a working dds file for it. :goodjob:

Dido is the legendary/mythological founder and first ruler of Carthage, a territory and city she gained by offering gold for all the land she could fit in an oxhide, the wiley woman cut the hide into the smallest slivers possible and encircled what became the land of Carthage (according to legend of course). She was the wife of King Pygmalion of Tyre, who was just a boy at the time, and they were named co-rulers. Upset that she had to share power with a boy she married her Uncle who was to fund the coup that would put her in power. Pygmalion and his allies had her husband/uncle murdered and she convinced them to throw his wealth into the seas. She replaced the wealth with bags of sand and made off with the fortune, to northern Africa, where she traded it for land and on that land founded Carthage. Well, that's the basic story at least...

Here's her ArtDefines:


I hope everyone likes this LH because it gave me a lot of trouble. I will also note this is my first female LH ever (well posted at least) so I'm pretty proud of the effort. Thanks again to Ekmek, The_Coyote, and Pencilgod for their direct and indirect help in making her.

I hope Phungus420 likes it, because I probably won't work on this LH again for a while.

As usual, let me know what you think in my LEADERHEAD GALLERY!

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