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[LH] Drust I mac Erp - Legendary King of Picts 2016-10-05

[LH] Drust I mac Erp - Legendary King of Picts

  1. Anaerin
    29th July 2013

    About the Leaderhead

    This Leaderhead is the first mod I have uploaded to the site, though it is not really my first mod, but just a component from my Pictish Civilization mod, which has been in development since 2010 (where does time go?).

    The Leaderhead is based on the frame of Jawk's Robert leaderhead (with thanks to Jawk for posting that leaderhead), which was based on the Alexander leaderhead, and thus works with Alexander’s animations.

    I wanted to create a character that looked a bit 'tougher' than most, so I hope I achieved that goal. The file contains everything you need, and includes an image of Drust's various expressions.

    • Copy the text of the .xml files into the relevant civ4 .xml files.
    • The Trait infos file includes the new trait 'Strategic'. I am using this trait with the Pictish mod in order to make the Pictish civs more… well, Pictish ;).
    • If you do not wish to use the Strategic trait, just remember to make the changes to the Drust leaderhead, choosing an alternative trait.
    • As this is my first upload, and this leaderhead has been separated from my mod, I may well have missed something out. If so, just let me know and I'll try and fix it.

    Hope you enjoy :)

    About Drust I

    Drust I, son of Erp, was a Legendary King of the Picts. According to the Pictish King lists within the 'Pictish Chronicle', Drust I succeeded Talorc King of Picts in 412 AD. Drust I was the first King within the Pictish Chronicle whose reign coincided with a verified synchronism, in that it is mentioned that Saint Patrick went to Ireland in the nineteenth year of Drust's reign.

    The legend of Drust I says that he "lived 100 years and triumphed in 100 battles", thus Drust I was regarded as a fierce warrior and a strong leader, probably being feared by many. For whatever reason, Drust I exiled his brother Nechtan to Ireland during his reign. He ruled Pictland (today's Scotland) for 40 years between 412-452 AD, before being succeeded by Talorc son of Aniel (Talorc mac Aniel), who ruled for just two years before Drust's exiled brother, Nechtan mac Erp returned and took the throne, ruling for 22 years and being named Nechtan Morbet (Nechtan the Great).

    With the renown of Drust's legend, his name became a popular Pictish name (the Scots Gaelic spelling of the name being Drest). As a result Drust (Drest) became the most common name of a Pictish King, with 10 recorded Kings having the name Drust (Drest) within the Pictish King lists before the combining of Pict and Gael thrones to form the Kingdom of Alba (Scotland) in 900 AD under Causantín mac Áeda (Constantine II son of Áed), first King of Scotland (Grandson of Cináed mac Ailpin ((Kenneth MacAlpin)) King of Picts).

    July 2014:
    Take a look at my page if you need any Pictish / Scottish Units. I will be uploading more soon.


    1. drust_i___v4_6em.png
    2. drust_images_uTx.png