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[LH]Henrique The Navigator 2016-10-05

[LH]Henrique The Navigator

  1. IgorS
    Well, for me modding Civ4 began when I decided to try and add a new LH. The first one I added was Ekmek's Henrique the Navigator for the Portuguese.
    Now, that I understand something about making LHs (thanks, Ekmek) I decided to fix some old ones. After looking at Henrique's pictures I realised Churchill wasn't good for him. I went for Justinian and a completely new LH. Ekmek gave him a new skeleton and added shaders (since this is his new hobby and he is really good at it):).
    So, here is the new Henrique the Navigator!
    *The LH comes with two background options, so you can decide which one you want.
    After 36 downloads on the 8/10/09 a new version was uploaded! (With The Capo's reskin)


    1. henriquethenavigator_55P.jpg