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[LH] Kanishka 2016-10-05

[LH] Kanishka

  1. cybrxkhan

    Here's my next work, a fairly simple but decent one, I suppose. This is Kanishka of the Kushans, for my upcoming Kushan civ of the week (which will also be added to WoL). Besides Amra's Kushans, I don't think anyone has tried to make Kanishka before. He can also work as a generic Middle Eastern, Indian, or Central Asian leaderhead, so I see lots of places where he could work. As always, a button has been included (two, in fact!). Additionally, this is the first time I will also be including the xml for a unique leaderhead personality (as in one that is not a complete copy of old leaders)! I'll probably return to my old WIP, Abaoji, next... or something else.

    Background: Kanishka was the greatest emperor of the Kushan dynasty, which dominated much of northern India and Central Asia during late antiquity and the age of the Silk Road. He expanded his empire into parts of southern India and even into parts of the Tarim Basin, which brought him into conflict with the equally ambitious Han Dynasty. Still, the contacts with China would prove beneficial in the long run - thanks in part to Kanishka and the Kushans, the Silk Road would carry with it not only merchants and riches, but also Buddhism and new philosophical and religious ideas, into China and other regions. Regardless, Kanishka's greatest legacy is perhaps in Buddhism, where he is remembered as an important patron and sponsor of the then still young religious movement, equal to the likes of Ashoka in terms of importance and influence.

    Anyhow, please rate and comment in my LEADERHEAD THREAD!


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