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[LH] King Solomon (v2) 2016-10-05

[LH] King Solomon (v2)

  1. The Capo

    Here is version 2 of King Solomon. I changed his hair, gave him a different crown and put some clothing on him, and he is shadered! He can be used as any ancient Israeli King or (with a background change of course) any ancient Middle-Eastern leader.

    Solomon was the legendary son of King David, and is considered a Prophet by Muslims. Many legends boast that he had magical powers. He was the last King prior to the split of Israel and Judah, his line would rule Judah following his death. He is credited with building the Temple of Jerusalem. I'm sure most of you know about him.

    As usual, here's the ArtDefines:

    I hope you guys like him!

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    1. kingsolomon_S50.jpg