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[LH] Louis (History of the World part1) 2016-10-05

This is now the fourth comedian that I've converted into a leaderhead. Man I've been silly lately.

This heavily inaccurate version of Louis XVI of France was played by Mel Brooks in the 1981 film History of the World, Part 1. In the film, Brooks gathered some of his cast regulars (Dom DeLuise, Harvey Korman, Cloris Leachman, Madeline Kahn, etc.) and spoofed several subgenres of period movies covering several points in history. Brooks himself played five roles: Moses ("I bring you 15 *crunch* oy... 10! 10 Commandments!"), Comicus the stand-up philosopher ("You heard of the Christians? They're so poor they only have one god!"), a singing and dancing Tomas de Torquemada ("I asked 'em nicely! I said pretty please! They wouldn't convert, so I'll bang on their knees!"), a "Garcon du Pisse" during the French segment, and of course Louis "It's Good to Be the King" XVI. The Louis in the movie is a far cry from the historical Louis. While Louis was merely incompetent, Brook's Louis is openly hostile to the peasantry, using live peasants for skeet shooting. Also, Brook's Louis is highly lascivious. The real Louis was quite the opposite, taking years to consummate his marriage to Marie Antoinette. The portrayal in the movie spawned the line "It's good to be the king", which became a running joke in several other Brooks productions.
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