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[LH] Matope 2016-10-05

[LH] Matope

  1. cybrxkhan

    I proudly present Matope of the Shona/Zimbabweans/Mutapa. He can easily work as any sub-Saharan African leader, as I intended to make him pretty generic. Since it's pretty much impossible to find any good artwork on the Shona online, I decided to just take some artistic license with him, hence why I think he looks pretty generic. As always, an XML of the LH personality, as well as a button, has been included.

    Background: Matope was the most powerful ruler of the Mutapa kingdom, which was a successor of the famous Kingdom of Zimbabwe. Matope extended this new kingdom into an empire encompassing most of the lands between Tavara and the Indian Ocean. Under him, Mutapa became very wealthy by exploiting copper from Chidzurgwe and ivory from the middle Zambezi. Matope's armies overran the kingdom of the Manyika as well as the coastal kingdoms of Kiteve and Madanda. By the time the Portuguese arrived on the coast of Mozambique, the Mutapa Kingdom was the premier Shona state in the region.

    Animations for Matope:


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    1. machop_3_6C7.jpg
    2. ma_toppings_DBt.jpg