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[LH] Nwabudike Morgan 2016-10-05

CEO Nwabudike Morgan
Rank: Director
Company: Morgan Industries
Country of Origin: not on file
Date of Birth: 02-24-2005
Height: not on file
Weight: not on file
Unity Contractor Background History:
Born 2005, of African royalty. Nwabudike, using seed money to buy and sell weapons during the Sahara Burst Wars, was able to purchase a private mercenary force to claim a series of diamond mines from a defeated enemy nation. Leveraged his growing wealth to expand into several other businesses, including mercenary forces, U.N. escorts, brokering food deals, and creating Morgan SafeHaven Hotel Fortress chain "for the discriminating executive."

Additional Notes (full disclosure): When Russian economic system crashed again in 2058, Morgan Industries was retained by the U.N. as one of several private businesses to work on the sprawling Unity Project. Work completed in a timely manner. Nwabudike Morgan's whereabouts currently unknown.

Psych Profile from Contractor Database: Industrialist
Powerful and charismatic individual with very high self-confidence. Relishes life and regards his life as a series of transactions; anything, any interaction, can be shaped if the proper currency (money, love, threat of pain, affection, etc) can be brought to the table. Does not like to lose. Long series of successful business dealings has reinforced both ego and transactional worldview. Soft on ethics...;"let the market decide." Pride in work and deep desire to see the Unity depart for worlds uncharted ("the last hope," he called it) should assure work will be completed roughly as contracted.

Note: If this company is used, be careful that auditors of Morgan Industries work have no contact with Morgan Industries or its agents. Bribery of U.N. officials is a distinct possibility with this subject.

[Anjeli Bole transferred from the Unity Project Team to a position in private industry before this entire report could be filed. The above fragments were found in her touchscreen during post-launch cleanup.]
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