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[LH] Pravin Lal 2016-10-05

Commissioner Pravin Lal
Rank: Director
Position: Chief of Surgery
Country of Origin: India
Date of Birth: 05-03-2006
Height: 172.0 cm
Weight: 68.2 kg
Service Record:
Born 2006, Rajkot India. Degree in Philosophy and Medicine, Oxford University. Trained in Thoracic Surgery. Achieved international acclaim for selfless devotion to victims of radiation poisoning following the Twelve Minute War and the India Border Conflict. Served as member of research team investigating genes that encode proteins aiding with DNA repair, University of Basel, Switzerland. Later appointed Assistant Director, World Health Organization. Top candidate for Chief of Surgery, U.N. Alpha Centauri Mission.
Psych Profile: Humanitarian
Seeks to de-escalate conflict and create harmonious environments. Dedication to ideals of U.N. mission unquestioned, loyalty superb. Able to perform well under extreme pressure; score .87 on Atherholt Trauma Function Test (recovery score moderate). Deep connection to loved ones possibly exploitable by adversary
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