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[LH] Prokhor Zakharov 2016-10-05

Academician Prokhor Zakharov
Rank: Commander
Position: ]Chief Science Officer
Country of Origin: Russia
Date of Birth: 09-16-1994
Height: 178.0 cm
Weight: 76.3 kg
Service Record:
Born 1994, Cherskiy, Russia. Educated Interlink Correspondence courses, Universities Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Joined Kolymar Defense Force out of college, tested very high in engineering aptitude, sent to University of Moscow on site for Master's in engineering. Later served as Combat Engineer along the Bering Strait, developed specialized snowbound powered armor for skirmishers, coupled with profound ability to land heavy machinery in any imaginable conditions. Quickly rose to Chief Engineer, Kolymar defense initiative.

When skirmishing ended was brought back to Moscow to a high-ranking R & D position in the Russian Republic Ministry of Defense. Used a trip to a conference in Germany to transfer to the United Nations team responsible for developing planetside technology, U.N. Alpha Centauri Mission. Recommended unconditionally by high-ranking U.N. official for position of Chief Science Officer on ship; selection proceedings security locked until five years after launch.

Psych Profile: Technologist
Cognitive ability exceedingly high; genius level. Worldview driven almost exclusively through logic. Poor ethical judgment and inability to weigh in emotional factors; moderate deficiency in social functioning. Puts strong reliance on tools and his ability to use and adapt them; this, over human values, represents ultimate good. Ability to work as part of a team towards definable goals invaluable to mission, but poorly defined sense of ethics and tendency toward self- aggrandizement must be closely monitored by ranking superior.
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