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[LH] Pyrrhus/Antiochus 2016-10-05

[LH] Pyrrhus/Antiochus

  1. The Capo
    Hey everyone! In preparation for the upcoming Reimagined Alexander the Great there were questions as to what would happen with the old Alexander. Well I took the liberty to reskin him and give him a slightly new look, or rather, two new looks.

    The first one "Antiochus" features the LH wearing a small crown or strap that the Greeks used to indicate royalty. I named him Antiochus because he loosely resembles the Seleucid King Antiochus the Great. of course you could use him for anone really.

    And the second option is called "Pyrrhus" because he is in "battle array." He also somehwat resembles statuse of Pyrrhus, but again he could be used as a number of people.

    Here is what the XML should look like. First Antiochus (crown).

    And then for Pyrrhus (with helmet).

    I hope you like them!


    1. newgreeksfinal_28w.gif
    2. newgreekspreview_DDu.gif