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[LH] Sheng-Ji Yang 2016-10-05

Chairman Sheng-ji Yang
Rank: Commander
Position: Chief of Security
Country of Origin: China
Date of Birth: 01-09-1999
Height: 170.6 cm
Weight: 73.2 kg
Service Record:
Born 1999, Wuhan, China; father a prominent Chinese lit scholar. Master of the Five Excellences: calligraphy, poetry, painting, traditional medicine, and martial arts (including martial t'ai-chi, wushu, and others). Studied Chinese Literature and Military History at Beijing University, later acquired a PhD in Psychology from same. Taught joint lock techniques to Chinese military during the Second Golden Revolution, then commanded Golden Emperor's personal security force. Vanished for several years following the Crimson Succession, to resurface in United Nations security training force. Selected Chief of Security, U.N. Alpha Centauri Mission.

Psych Profile: Protectionist
Exceedingly deep and powerful mind; near flawless visual and kinesthetic recall. Somewhat antisocial, security minded to the extreme, with elaborate psychological defense mechanisms against emotional entreaties. High stability and loyalty to mission indicated.

Driven primarily by need for security and control. Powerful will; leadership potential high but strong tendency to control and manipulate followers can result in almost cultlike following. Tolerance for pain exceedingly high; .96 on Atherholt Trauma Function Test.

CAUTION: Earlier psych tests show suspiciously near perfect normals along all axes. Subject may use strong will and extensive knowledge of psychiatric indicators to manipulate test results in his favor.
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