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[LH] Sheshonq 2016-10-05


A huge, huge thanks to Ekmek for helping me fix this. This is my first successful LH based on a Colonization LH. Anyhow, this is Sheshonq of the Libyans/Berbers, who will be featured as a second leader of the Berbers in World of Legends (see thread here). He's a real simple LH - just a new hat and a couple things attached to the guys - but he looks pretty nifty, in my opinion. He can work for any other Egyptian or Egyptian-esque pharaoh, so I can see a lot of use for him. As always, a button and leaderhead personality xml has been attached.

Background: Sheshonq I was the first Libyan Pharaoh of Egypt and the first named Berber of historical importance. Having worked as a commander for the Egyptian pharaoh, he became pharaoh himself around 950 BCE. He was an aggressive and strong leader, the kind that Egypt had not seen for centuries (and would not see for several more centuries). He campaigned extensively in the Levant, attacking many cities in Palestine; it is for this reason he is often identified with the Biblical Shishak, who was also said to have attacked the region around this time. He also helped re-established some of the infrastructure that had collapsed for the previous centuries. Regardless, Sheshonq was one of the most important and capable pharaohs after the collapse of the New Kingdom. His fame and legacy was so much that ethnic Berbers nowadays consider him something of a hero, and his coronation date (estimated at 950 BCE) is used as the starting date of the Berber calendar.

The animations for Sheshonq, anyhow:

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