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[LH] Sunni Ali 2016-10-05

[LH] Sunni Ali

  1. AbsintheRed
    Following IgorS's example I decided to upload 3 older, but awesome LHs, all made by the legendary Amra. The first two (Sunni Ali and Suppi) were requested earlier, and the 3rd (Topiltzin) was in the DB, but the link doesn't work anymore...

    The first is Sunni Ali (Songhai):
    "Sunni Ali Ber or "Sunni Ali", was born Ali Kolon. He reigned from about 1464 to 1492. Sunni Ali was the first great king of the Songhai Empire, located in west Africa and the 15th ruler of the Sonni dynasty. Under Sunni Ali's infantry and cavalry, Songhai extended to cover a great portion of the Niger River area and gained control of crucial trading cities such as Timbuktu (captured in 1468) and Jenne (captured in 1475). Sonni conducted a repressive policy against the scholars of Timbuktu, especially those of the Sankore region who were associated with the Tuareg whom Ali expelled to gain control of the town.
    He built a fleet to patrol the Niger river. During Sonni Ali's reign, Songhai surpassed the height of the Mali Empire, engulfing areas under the Mali Empire (and the Ghana Empire before it). On November 6, 1492, Sunni Ali's horse slipped and fell into the Koni River, Ali and his horse were swept over the falls and drowned"

    Actually many mods use this LH as Sundiata Keita, founder of the Mali Empire. If someone is interested in this his bio is right here.


    1. sunni_ali_2_jV4.jpg
    2. sunni_ali_DTa.jpg