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[LH] Vercingetorix 2016-10-05

[LH] Vercingetorix

  1. The Capo

    Here is version 2 of Vercingetorix. This will be the final version. I decided that reskinning Clovis wasn't good enough so I created this one instead.

    Vercingetorix was a Celtic chieftan of the Arverni tribe who was known for uniting the Gallic tribes against the Roman General Julius Caesar. Vercingetorix raised an army and was given the title of King in the Gallic city of Gergovia, with his new title he was able to convince more and more Gallic tribes to ally with him as he lead the largest Gallic attack against a Roman enemy in history. Prior to Vercingetorix the Gauls were normally split into various tribes and often warred with one another (on many occasions some even allied with the Romans against the others). Vercingetorix and his Gallic armies were unable to defeat Julius Caesar, and he was ultimately defeated at the battle of Alesia in 52 BC.

    Obviously he should be used as a Celtic leader, I'm not really sure he would make sense as any other one, unless you had a Gallic module or ancient Roman/Mediterranean mod you wanted to use him in for a specific tribe.

    Here are the ArtDefines:

    I hope you like him. Don't forget to rate it!


    1. vercingetorix_801.jpg