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Limited Religions 2016-10-05

Limited Religions

  1. OrionVeteran
    Limited Religions

    Are you having trouble founding your own Holy City because one Civ has run through all of the religion techs. Well now you can limit each Civ to founding only one Holy City. This is the official release of Limited Religions for BTS 3.19.


    1. This is now a completely separate mod comp.

    2. Has XML option in the GlobalDefinesAlt.xml file to turn Limited Religions on or off.

    3. Limits each Civ to founding only one Religion/Holy City. More Holy Cities can be obtained through combat.

    4. There are new python code functions to automatically identifying the state religious shrine and the respective missionary. This code also works for any new religions added to your mod, without the need to make any manual changes to the python code. This was a major improvement.

    5. Has XML Option in the GlobalDefinesAlt.xml file to limit Missionary production to only state religion Missionaries. This requires the can train callback.

    6. The download includes both WoC and standard formats.

    7. When using WoC version, remember to swap out your Schema files with those from your mod.


    Orion Veteran :cool: