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Linked & Group Unit Movement for VP (EUI) v 3

This will get integrated into VP eventually. Requires VP 2.6 or later.

Link/Unlink Units (Hotkey L):
[IMG alt="Link45.jpg"][/IMG]
[IMG alt="Unlink45.jpg"][/IMG]

Units on the same tile can be linked, allowing them to be moved together with a single move order. Basically the "escort formation" feature from Civ6, but here you can theoretically link an infinite number of units as VP has no unit-per-tile limits for civilians. Current and maximum movement points of the linked units will be set to that of the slowest unit, which will be reset when they are unliked. Note that this does not consider the shared movement promotions, so the units may not follow the optimal route in multi-turn move orders. This can be improved if anyone can come up with an efficient way.
Group Movement (Hotkey X):
[IMG alt="GroupMove64.jpg"][/IMG]

The selected unit and all adjacent eligible combat units will move together and try to keep their relative positions. Movement points of the group is normalized to the lowest value as above. Eligibility is defined as thus: If selected unit is an unembarked land unit, only the adjacent unembarked land units will be moved. If the selected unit is a naval or embarked land unit, adjacent naval and embarked land units are moved. This also includes Great Admiral and Generals. The units sharing the same tile with the selected unit will be linked, even if they are not combat units. Unlike the link feature, grouping here is temporary and the group will be automatically disbanded when move mission is completed.
Let me openly state that this does not provide the perfect results yet. You can see one example in the attached screenshot. I've tried to move 28 units (one naval, one embarked land, one GG, one GA on each tile) by issuing a "group move" order to the central unit, but you can see that two units did not move and need to be ordered again. Still, it sure beats clicking 28 times.
You can find a detailed explanation of what's happening in the background here, and the related code here and here. This was tested with IGE to be working with all VP versions, but doesn't support CP (yet). Not savegame compatible with VP 2.5.

All testing and feedback is appreciated!

PS: I've been meaning to make a video about these features and some recent QoL stuff (waypoints, quick build orders etc.), but I'm no good for videos. Let me know if anyone's willing to do that.
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