Locusts of Chiron 2016-10-05

Locusts of Chiron

  1. Lord Tirian
    A Civ4-rendition of the SMAC unit - the Locusts of Chiron:

    It's a swarm of flying worms - paralysing people telepathically... to eat their brains!

    Model just consists of a couple of particle emitters, generating a cloud of insect-like things. File includes custom animations, effects and sounds for the locust unit, as well as instructions to implement it into your XMLs.

    Also included is a version without the red telepathic wave, if you want to use it for a more "conventional" swarm of insects.

    Made for the Planetfall mod.


    1. locust1_ay8.jpg
    2. locust2_Am1.jpg
    3. locust3_48v.jpg