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Lord of Middle Earth 2016-10-05

Lord of Middle Earth

by Charles Hill

Date Released: July 24, 2006
Requirements: Civ 3 Conquest English Verision 1.22 or higher (Civlization Complete)
Patches: This is the Patch from the original version: Conquest of Middle Earth
Initial setup: Just download and click install, it is that easy! No more worries about putting files in the rights places.

It is here!!!

Hello everyone, I am very pleased to announce the release of LORD OF MIDDLE EARTH. Lord of Middle Earth is the Revised Edition of Conquest of Middle Earth. There are now two versions of the game: Single player and Multiplayer. Single player was the main focus in this new edition. I wanted the player to control all the fellowship but also get to fight the battles of Helm's Deep and Minas Tirith, so in single player I combined Rohan and Gondor into one civilization, The Race of Men. I know some people may not like this decision but it allows the player to play all the aspects of the game. Multiplayer probably still needs some work on it like in the areas of the script but it is done aswell. WHEN YOU PLAY MULTIPLAYER YOU HAVE TO REASSIGN THE HERO UNITS TO THE YOUR DESIRED CIVILIZATIONS. To do this, open up Civ 3 Conq Edit and Select Lord of Middle Earth MULTPLAYER NOT Single player and click on the hero units. When you click on them reassign them to a PLAYER CIVLIZATION NOT A REGULAER CIVILZATION. For instance, if I wanted to reassign Frodo, Sam, and all of the rest of the Hero Units to the Shire, Click on the Hero units and Reasign to PLAYER 8 (SHIRE) NOT REGULAER SHIRE. Then Play! In this Revised Edition, you will find just about EVERYTHING changed from the original game. Many of the previous units have way better animations and I also added about 15 more into Lord of Middle Earth. Leader heads have been changed and terrain graphics have been totally redone.

In Lord of Middle, you have two choices on Title screens. Just click on either the Trilogy or Ring Title and press install and the Title files will be put into the right location. If you are playing the game on REGULAR Conquest NOT THE CIV 3 COMPLETE EDITION, then you will install the title and rename the title file to the approiate names of the original Civ 3 Conquest Title name. You also may want to save a copy of the Original Title just incase you want to change back.

For your first try of the game, I recommend playing single player so you can expierence all aspects of Lord of Middle Earth. After your first game, you can play Multiplayer as other civilizations with a friend or by yourself. YOU DON'T HAVE TO HAVE TWO OR MORE PEOPLE TO PLAY MULTIPLAYER. All Multiplayer does is unlock all Civilzations to the Player. But I recommend playing Single Player on Single player mode and playing Multiplayer on Multiplayer mode.

Some changes between Multiplayer and Single Player modes are that Hero units, except for Gandalf and Aragorn, only upgrade once. Gandalf and Aragorn upgrade twice. This was due to technical reasons because inorder to upgrade Hero Units, the game command that they be King units and I don't think you want many king units in Multiplayer. Due to this game concept I had to cut out upgrades for Hero units in Multiplayer.(DON'T WORRY THOUGH, HERO UNITS START OUT STRONGER IN MULITPLAYER TO MAKEUP FOR LACK OF UPGRADES) In single Player, many of the first stages of Hero Units are King Units and all of their Upgrades are King units. (REMEMBER DUE TO REGICIDE, IF YOU LOSE ONE KING UNIT, YOUR LOSE...SAVE OFTEN ON SINGLE PLAYER)

In Singe Player mode, only Frodo or Sam can throw the Ring into to Mount Doom and the route they took in the book is much easier to access than in the previous version of Lord of Middle Earth.

When you play this game I recommend, for the full effect, to play Lord of the Rings music on Windows Media Player, or what ever your music media program. It will make your game feel more intense and exciting if you do...

Also in this game, I have mastered the art of units Spawning, so Mordor and Isengard get big armies at the times they are suppose to not just right off the bat like in the previous version. Unit spawn times are listed in the civilopedia under each specific spawn unit.

Also the road problem on the hill outside Moria is taken care of now...

Now off you go into the World of Middle Earth, only you can save them in this desperate hour!

"This task was appointed to you, if you do not find a way, no one will..."

I recommend playing Lord of the Rings music when you play the game to get the full experience...

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its not actually too far of a stretch to have combined rohan and gondor in fact over many centuries they have a very strong alliance. i have seen things like this on other civ games for instance iv seen germany and italy as a united civ for world war 2 scenarios. and for a hanibal barca's war scenario i even seen the numidians and the carthiginians united as a civ against the romans. also post more pictures of maps. in the map picture you shown theres room for more territories. for instance you left out Anorien its a province in gondor on the border with rohan on rohans side of the mountain boundary. im a little not sold on the name of this civ though becasue im certain that not all of the man kingdoms were allied. rohan and gondor put together were sometimes refered to as just the southern kingdom of middle earth. where as the man kingdoms of eridor were refered to as the northern kingdom in fact they had been politically united a long time ago in the back story but the northern kingdom (empire)broke up into 3 seperate kingdoms they were arthedain , cardolan ,and rhudaur. also its important to note that the successors to the northern empire were not politacally united either the hobbits occupied a portion of arthidain plus the elves occupied a portion of rhudaur called revendell. so id like more pictures of maps and continue to add more territories (based on actual locations of course such as anorien)
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