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Lord of the One Ring ver 1.1 2016-10-05

Lord of the One Ring LOTOR stays true to the sequence of pivitol moments written into the triology, be they localized events like the appearance of Treebeard or epic battles like the Battle of Pelennor Fields. The scenario starts midway in Book I of the Lord of the Rings just as the Fellowship enters the Mines of Moria and continues on to the destruction of the One Ring in Book VI. Tolkien enthusiasts will find little to complain about. In a sense, this work is a balanced blending of Harlan Thompson's earlier LOTR scenario which focused on the battle for Middle Earth and Favoured Flight's LOTR series which concentrated on the quest to destroy the Ring.

Players who are less familiar with the Lord of the Rings will not find themselves in any way disadvantaged. Description entries for all research items and each wonder of Middle Earth have been created and event messages together with the tech tree will guide the way. There are two ways to destroy the Ring so the scenario can be played twice. The first option is the canon way, directing Frodo and Sam with the Ring through Cirith Ungol and across Mordor to Mount Doom on a sub-map. The other approach is more direct, building up a huge army and storming through the Black Gate while escourting a hobbit to Mount Doom on the main map.
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