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Loyalty++ 5.3.3

adds several changes to loyalty:

  1. Gueux
    Loyalty++ is a mod that adds several changes to loyalty:


    At start of every game you will have to chose what players will be "killed", that mean they won't appear in game exept if a colonial or a separatism riot happen, you have 4 possible option to chose those players:
    1. random : this will kill random player exept Human player, you can chose how many major/minor you want to be killed
    2. Other continents: this option will kill every player that is not on your continent : if the continent do at least the minimum size, you can chose the minimum size.
    3. Only Certains players : you can chose what Civilization you want to be killed, if the Civilization is in the game it will be killed, if not then nothing happen.
    4. Only certain alive players : You can chose what Civilization you want to be killed among alive players
    you can choose to not kill any player but there won't be any colonial civilization that will spawn after a separatist revolt or colonial riot.

    This mod need the expansion rise and fall to work

    :c5war: WAR EXHAUSTION
    take away 1 loyalty point for every War Exhaustion points (WEP) per turn (max WEP is 300 minimum is 0):
    1. War Duration: More war is long more you gain WEP per turn (exponential)
    2. Battle: every health point lost = +0.03 WEP (damage/30 rounded, if your unit take 14 damage and did 30 you will gain 0.5 War Exhaustion while your enemy will gain 1)
    3. Units Dismantle (die) or get captured: you gain 1 WEP and if the battle took place in an ally territory the city that owns this territory loses 200 loyalty (like Lautaro Swift Hawk trait) or gain 200 loyalty depending on the winner of the battle
    4. City under siege or captured: +1 WEP per turn for all your city being besieged or occupied
    5. Declaring War: give WEP depending on warmong

    the only current way to lose WEP is peace -10 WEP per turn
    Being at peace give +30 loyalty per turn in all you cities

    :c5faith: RELIGION
    1. Holy site: If your city follow a religion but do not have an holy site your city lose 30 loyalty per turn an inverse if have a religion and holy site gain 30 loyalty per turn
    2. Heretics/pagans in city: every Heretic (follower of religions that are not dominant in the city) will do lose 10 loyalty per turn and conversely every follower of dominant religion in city do gain 10 loyalty per turn
    3. Heretics/pagans cities:every cities that follow a religion that is not the major player religion (most followed in player cities and player own religion) will lose 50 loyalty per turn and conversely every city who Follow Major player gain 50 loyalty per turn
    4. Era: Multiply Religion stability depending on era, all era multiplier: ancient and classical:1 medieval and renaissance: 1.5 industrial :1 modern and atomic : 0.5 informatic :0.1


    Every governments have their own stability every turn you will gain or lose Goverment stability ramdomly depending on your goverment, more stable goverment are republics while all autocratic government are the worst, You will lose Government stability when you change goverment (-200) and policies (-5 per policies in your government) and every goverment add a new multiplier to religion loyalty per turn, every goverment average stability gain per turn and religion multiplier:
    1. CHIEFDOM : average +5.25 per turn, religion multiplier: 1.5
    2. AUTOCRACY : average +2.6 per turn
    3. OLIGARCHY : average +3.05 per turn and -0.1 WEP per turn
    4. CLASSICAL REPUBLIC : average +8.35 per turn
    5. MONARCHY : average +5.05, religion multiplier: 1.5, if is at war with another religion - 0.3 WEP per turn
    6. THEOCRACY : average +4.63, religion multiplier: 2, if is at war with another religion - 0.5 WEP per turn
    7. MERCHANT REPUBLIC : average +8.35, if is at war with another religion - 0.1 WEP per turn
    8. FASCISM : average +2.575 and -0.1 WEP per turn
    9. COMMUNISM : average + 2.575
    10. DEMOCRACY : average +13.205
    11. Synthetic Technocracy : average +13.205 and religion multiplier: 0.5
    12. Corporate Libertarianism average : + 10,955 and -1 WEP per turn
    13. Digital Democracy : average + 13.655
    14. ANARCHY : average -15


    When You make peace or defeat a player every city you decide to keep will become Separatist, more the city have citizens and culture per turns more it will be long to change the city culture, culture is based on who found the city, the only way to change a city culture is to have 0 separatism in the city

    if you lose a revolt siege your city gain your negative loyalty as separatism

    separatism reduce over time, every neighbour city affect it each turn, more the neighbor city have population and culture per turn more it will have effect.
    if the city have a different culture than yours separatism will be reduced 4x slower and neighbor city that have the same culture or separatism will slow the reduction speed and city that have 0 separatism and have your culture will accelerate it.
    more you have loyalty per turn faster separatism will vanish, if you have less than -200 loyalty per turn your city wion't lose separatism and even gain 1 each turn


    1. War migration, citizens will flee country who have War Exhaustion, more WEP = more migration, will search ideal city who have less than 10 WEP.
    2. Religion Migration, citizens will flee cities who have a negative religion stability, more heretics = more migration, will search an ideal city or country who follow his religion.
    3. Government Migration, citizens will flee country who have a negative Government stability, Worst Government stability = more migration, will search an ideal city who have a positive government stability and a different government
    4. Separatist Migration, citizens will flee cities who is separatist, more city is separatist = more migration, will search an ideal city who have his culture and is not separatist (come back to his original country)
    What is "ideal city":
    every city have an attractivity depending on :
    • Cities at war have 0 attractivity
    • Cities that are closer have an attractivity bonus (max migration distance depends on era goes from 20 plots to 100)
    • Citizens prefer not changing country if possible (more attractivity if same country)
    • Citizens prefer cities with positive loyalty (more loyalty per turn = more attractivity)
    • Citizens prefer cities that have housing and food surplus
    • Citizens prefer Cities with amenities
    • Citizen prefer cities that have district and more gold per turn
    • Citizen prefer cities that have wonders
    more a city is attractive more it will get Migrations


    1. Any revolt effect default (Populace) : every worked plot become a barbarian warrior or an Elite barbarian Unit (elite Unit are Unit of the last era), number of elite depend on your loyalty per turn (-250 lpt = 2.5/5 of elite Units, -100lpt = 1/5 elite Unit ..ect), Unit will siege your city and the result depends on why revolt started, to stop the siege you need to kill all partisans, and your production of gold is reduced for the next 30 turns*, if the revolt type is not separatism and the siege win, your city will be come separatist.
    2. Separatist : If your city revolt and the city is separatist or if city is a colony that want to take independance then if the siege win the city will become a free city and every city you own within 10 plot that is separatist or have a colonial riot less than -1 will revolt and start a siege, if the free city revolt then it changes the city owner to either the owner of the culture in the city (old owner) or it create a new civilzation, with a player who was killed at start (gain tech and civic of the owner before riot, gain all left revolt unit member and every separatist city arround are legitime to him)
    3. Religious : if your city revolt while you have a religion loyalty lower than -50 and If the city have a majoritary religion then all your city within 10 tile gain 400 presure of this religion, your production of faith is reduced for the next 30 turns* and if the siege win then all your city within 10 tile gain 800 presure of this religion
    4. War exhaustion: if WEP is lower than -50 then your production of science, culture and gold is reduced for the next 30 turns*
    5. Governement: if you have less than -50 Government stability or -50 WEP every city you own within 10 plots that have a negative loyalty per turn revolt the same turn and if the the siege win then every city you own within 10 plots that have 100 or less loyalty per turn will revolt and start a siege


    Revolt Can't repeat
    : Your city need 30 turn to be able to revolt after a rescent revolt

    Chance of Revolt:
    every turn, depending on your loyalty lvl and from how much your are in negative, the calcul is -LoyaltyPerTurn / Cityloyalty * 1000 then a dice of 1000 is rolled if the value of the dice is lower than the precedent result then your city revolt

    Max Loyalty of cities is now 5000, every modifiers are scaled x10

    For EVERY city you own you lose -5 loyalty per turn in all you cities (If you have 10 cities you lose -50 loyalty per turn in each of them)

    If you have a wonder in your city then you earn 20 loyalty in the city and 10 in all other you own


    1.1 add WEP when declare War, added icon for WEP and religion, Heretic now produce negative loyalty and conversely, fixed some bug (pls report if you encounter one and give me the lua.log)

    1.1.1 fixed a bug where my mod would not load after loading a saved game and would reset WEP

    1.2 added Eramultiplier for religion

    2.0 City Revolt type/chance and anti repeat revolt added

    *I have not done the UI so city pannel will not update but it is -100% on first turn then 96.6% ect.. untill turn 30
    That's it for now
    (Sorry if my english is bad I am not a native speaker, help me correct my mistakes)

    Thanks to :

    Started the mod with this base :

    This mod INCLUDES REWORKED VERSIONS of FearSunn's Population notification, Religion notification, Barbarians notification, Borders notification and Deal expired notification. :

    Gedemon, used his save and load file but not in lastest versions (was laggy), but helped me to understand how it worked and used his so usefull table lua object : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HQSUOmw_pI8dNSr1kmun4qAHj6SsOVfa1vGTbk5mVvs/edit#gid=0

    Revolutionist_8, for support, reporting bugs and ideas.

    Have fun and leave review please.


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