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Loyalty++ 5.2.5

adds several changes to loyalty:

  1. Fixed Bug

    Fixed game crash when creating a notification, if you create or dismiss a notification using the event "GameEvents.PlayerTurnStarted", the game could crash, you should use "GameEvents.PlayerTurnStartComplete" instead, the crash happen when my pannel try to dismiss notification stack with the bad event, sorry for every crash caused.

    added New government compatibility
    GOVERNMENT DIGITAL DEMOCRACY average loyalty per turn : 13.655
    GOVERNMENT CORPORATE LIBERTARIANISM average loyalty per turn...
  2. Notification Bug Fix

    fix Notification stack
  3. Bug Fix

    Sry but found another bug due to GS I may find some other in future days, should be compatible with started game from last versions
  4. GS + some bug fix

    now compatible with GS
  5. fix bug and balance (without notification)

    same version but without notification, the game should not crash.
  6. fix bug and balance (with notification)

    fix bug and balance
    notification may crash the game.. it's a bit random (or I don't understand) so if you want to take the risk.
  7. Disable notification, Chose number of killed player, add better water unit

    Disable Notification cause it could crash the game (only Loyalty notif)

    You can now chose player who will be killed at start and appear later in the game after a colonial riot:
    Random: chose the number of random civ that will be killed (same continent kill players on the same continents)

    Other Continents : kill players that are not on your starting Continent (that are separated by water)

    Only Certains players : chose any civ you want to see as colonial

    Only Certains alive players :...
  8. Better Revolt

    • all revolt besiege city but not for the same result when they win it,
    • Revolt Unit won't quit their territory
    • There will be "Elite" Unit, Elite are last era unit, number of elite depend on your loyalty per turn (if you have -100 lpt you will have 1/10 of elite unit in your revolt if you have -200 2/10 ect...)
    • At least half of player killed at start will be major player
    • balanced colonial riot
    • Minimum Distance from capital for colonial riot is Number of plot of your...
  9. Colonial and better separatist riot

    Now the City that are further than 30 plot from capital will Riot if there is too many citizen and not enougth district, amenities, garnison, more it's far more it need all these and will end in a separatist revolt like city who has been taken by force,

    separatist revolt : barbarian will siege the city, if you don't kill them the city will become a free city,

    free city: if the city culture isn't the last owner then the city goes back the the player who own the city culture (remind culture...
  10. change mod info to give credits to FearSunn as he asked for it

    Nothing change