LS's Viet Nam for VP v.3

Adds a VP adaptation of LastSword's Vietnam, led by Le Loi. For use with VP and optionally MUCfVP.

  1. Hinin
    Adds the Viet Nam Empire, led by Le Loi, for VP and optionally MUCfVP.

    To talk about it

    Credits :
    - LastSword : Original mod, Original CivIcon, Leaderscreen, LeaderIcon, Map, DoM picture, UU1 UnitIcon, Original Research, Writing
    - TPangolin : UImprovement 3d model and Icon, UU2 3d model and Research
    - SenshiDenshi : UU2 Icon
    - PrimoXanthous : UB Icon
    - Geoff Knorr : Peace and War Theme (Vietnam Medieval and Industrial Themes in Civ 6)
    - Hinin : VP adaptation, new Design and Code

    Special Thanks :
    - gwennog : testing and suggestions
    - VP Team : new SQL functions allowing the mod to function without lua