(LUL) AW's Lua Utility Libraries v5

A collection of Lua utility scripts I often use, bundled into one package

  1. AW Arcaeca
    A single, centralized hub of Lua utility scripts my mods draw from, instead of having the scripts distributed to each mod individually - which has historically caused mods to malfunction when e.g. an earlier version of a utility script in mod has overwritten a later version of the same script in a different mod. Placing all these scripts in one place prevents this sort of cross-mod incompatibility and allows me to commit an update to a utility script by updating only one mod rather than 16.

    As of v5, includes components from:
    - whoward69
    - sukritact
    - JFD
    - TopHatPaladin
    - Machiavelli24
    - Pazyryk
    - DarkScythe
    as well as many of my own contributions.