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LyTning's Assassins! (Uncompleted) 2016-10-05

LyTning's Assassins! (Uncompleted)

  1. LyTning94
    Here is the code for my uncompleted mod LyTning's Assassins! which I am no longer continuing. To find a basic description of what this mod does (or was going to do) see this thread. The Diplomat unit was nearly completed, but I was having some problems with the AI. Everything else for the Diplomat should be working fine. I had not started on any of the other units.

    I apologize for not continuing this; right now I don't have the time or interest to work on it. If anyone has any questions on the mod/code feel free to send me a PM.

    I did make some changes to what was posted originally in the thread, so it'll be slightly different (with the same basic concepts, of course).